CyberShield - Viracon - Single Source Architectural Glass

CyberShield® by Viracon with Pilkington DATASTOP™

With more data being transmitted and shared electronically, it is becoming necessary to protect private conversations, boardroom discussions, and trade secret documents from electronic eavesdropping. This is especially true for government organizations, businesses, architects, and building owners looking for ways to design secure buildings. CyberShield® by Viracon with Pilkington DATASTOP™ is Architectural Glass that has been specifically engineered to reduce the transmission of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation, also known as RF Shielding.

The following video provides an overview of CyberShield® by Viracon.

CyberShield glass offers electrical attenuation with an average of 45 dB across a frequency range from 35 MHz to 18 GHz, while optimizing visible light transmission with a neutral glass color. Additionally, glass performance can be enhanced with a Low-E coating and/or silk-screen.

Glass designed to shield your electronic communications

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