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Modeling Files

A key to great design is accurate modeling of building components. To make your job easier, Viracon offers insulating glass spacer files for THERM and a variety of insulating coated glass files for Revit.

Thermal Modeling

Simulation programs are often used to model the thermal performance of building components. Multiple factors and components can be evaluated within a thermal model. Insulating glass spacers are often analyzed for their impact on the thermal performance of the wall.

Cross sections of Viracon’s spacers for use within THERM, a computer program developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), are available to download.

Another modeling tool available in the architectural glass industry is the Component Modeling Approach Software Tool (CMAST) offered by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). If you are utilizing CMAST to calculate thermal performance with Viracon products, we have a few tips.

Spacer Selection

The following spacer codes within CMAST correspond to Viracon's insulating glass spacers:

  • Aluminum S-NFC-1213
  • Stainless Steel S-NFC-1215
  • Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS™) S-VIR-1724

Spacer Gap Width

The nominal spacer gap width must be manually entered within CMAST in order for Viracon spacers to be visible and to correctly model the performance. For example, a Viracon aluminum, stainless steel or VTS spacer with a 1/2" nominal thickness must be entered with a gap width of 0.540" (13.7mm) in CMAST.

Secondary Sealant

Viracon insulating glass units incorporate silicone as the secondary sealant. Within CMAST, please select silicone as the secondary sealant in combination with the Viracon spacer.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The digital representation used in the process of design and building construction is commonly referred to as Building Information Modeling or BIM. One BIM program utilized by architects and contractors is Revit® by Autodesk.

Within Revit glass can be precisely defined by utilizing Viracon’s product-specific files which include detailed visual and performance characteristics. Our Revit files allow you to accurately represent glass within your building model.

Learn more by viewing this short video.


Viracon Revit Files

We’ve created files for our most popular, highest performing, glass products so you can easily compare multiple glass types in your model. The library contains 55 products in a zip folder giving you access to all 55 products with one simple download.

Please note: Viracon’s Revit files provide a representation of actual color. Color is affected by light and reflectivity and cannot truly be matched electronically online. Please order a product sample to confirm your selection before ordering glass for your project.

Revit® is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.

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