Supplier Terms & Conditions - Viracon - Single Source Architectural Glass

Supplier Terms & Conditions

Viracon, in partnership with our suppliers, strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. It is through these partnerships that we will continue to grow our business and lead the industry to achieve satisfaction for all stakeholders. The goal is to continually exceed the increasing expectations of our customers.

Please contact a Viracon Commodity Manager with any questions.

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)

Apogee Terms and Conditions (PDF) - the Terms and Conditions that are incorporated into a Purchase Order (PO) issued by Apogee Enterprises, Inc. or any of its affiliated companies identified in a PO for the purchase of goods or services.

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual (PDF) - based on Viracon’s quality system requirements and is considered to be included as part of Viracon’s requirements for suppliers. This manual, along with Viracon’s Purchase Orders, General Terms and Conditions, drawings, specifications and any applicable warranties or other documentation approved by Viracon will set the expectations for Viracon suppliers.