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Viracon’s General Information

Viracon’s General Information
(Updated 2.2-625 Viracon’s General Information   07/07/22)


Pricing Information (All pricing in US Dollars)

  • Viracon seams all heat treated glass edges. If additional edgework is required, contact a Viracon representative for pricing.
  • Order changes following Viracon’s receipt of a signed order confirmation may be subject to a $500 order change fee.
  • All square foot pricing, energy surcharge, and excluded add-ons are invoiced rounding to the next even dimensional inch.
  • There are additional costs for units/lites >= 50ft² (4.647m²), non-rectangular shapes and offset units. Please contact a Viracon representative for pricing.
  • In addition to the square foot price and applicable square foot minimum quoted, there will be an additional charge ($35 each) for all lites/units less than 3 square feet. All coated lites/units less than 2 square feet require manufacturing approval.
  • Glass minimum order (per purchase order), in addition to energy surcharge, freight and applicable set-up charges:
    • $500 minimum for Standard Viracon Coatings, Uncoated or Spandrel Glass Products
    • $1000 minimum for Non-Standard Coatings, Silkscreen Products or DigitalDistinctions™ Products.
  • Miscellaneous or Replacement Orders
    • All orders submitted 6 months after the last major release (major release = 50+ units) are subject to an updated quote from Viracon, and will be quoted at current pricing.
    • All replacement orders will be processed Plus Freight and current energy surcharge.
    • A $200 packaging charge (per glass type) will apply for all glass types <= 10 units/lites.
    • Applicable minimums, set-ups and silk-screen charges may apply


  • Viracon’s standard packaging method is wooden cases. Inquiries regarding alternative packaging methods should be directed to your Inside Sales Account Representative.
  • Viracon’s standard packaging procedure is to package products according to size; similar sizes will be packaged together. Multiple designations (i.e. floor, elevation, building) are subject to additional charges. Special packaging requests are subject to review and will incur additional charges. All special packaging requirements are due at the time of the initial order.
  • Packaging Service: Packaging is based on cases not to exceed 2,500 lbs for domestic and 1814 kg for export shipments. Exception: Units exceeding 2,500 lbs / 1814 kg each will be packaged 1 per box.
    • Standard Packaging: Defined as one packaging designation, (i.e. Package by Floor). Viracon will box by floor by similar sizes.
    • Custom Packaging: Defined as multiple packaging designations, (i.e. Package by Floor and Package by Elevation), add $1.00 psf to all quoted prices.
  • Packaging requests for cases less than 1,000-lbs. are subject to additional packaging charges. Any additional charges will be determined at receipt of Purchase Order and mutual review by Viracon and our buyer prior to implementation.


  • Reference Freight Terms on applicable Viracon QUOTATON.
  • Additional freight charges may apply for units with both dimensions exceeding 110”.
  • Miscellaneous releases that are less than 15,000lbs are subject to additional freight and packaging charges.

Storage Charges

  • Any completed Orders for which Buyer fails to accept delivery of goods by the delivery date stated on the Viracon Order Confirmation shall be subject to storage charges at a rate of $150.00 per crate per month.

Technical Information

    • Product characteristics and applications will determine the maximum/minimum dimensions and maximum/minimum unit size. Contact a Viracon Representative for specific product limitations.
    • Units with argon cannot incur an elevation change greater than +2500’/-1000′ from the location where the insulating units are manufactured.
    • Viracon recommends heat soak testing for all tempered glass. Heat soaking is offered for an additional charge and must be specified on buyers purchase order. Viracon does not warrant spontaneous breakage in tempered glass that has not been heat soaked.
    • All orders must be identified as conventional or structural glazing All structurally glazed applications must be identified as two or four sided.
    • Viracon can supply a glass strength analysis upon receipt of glass product, dimensions, glazing application, and windload (kPa or psf). Viracon will not be responsible for additional costs associated with increased glass thickness or strength above those specified, if it is determined a thicker glass substrate or higher heat treatment is required to meet the building design requirements.
    • Please visit our website at to view the Deflection and Sightline Reference Guide for guidance on load resistance requirements and sightlines.

Other Pertinent Information

    • Viracon does not guarantee the future availability of component parts manufactured or supplied by others that are incorporated into Viracon products.
    • All applications are quoted by Viracon subject to review of loading information, design details and thermal considerations.
    • Prices are subject to review upon receipt of final sizes and quantities. Makeup’s and unit sizes are subject to technical approval on review of wind loading data and glazing detail. Any additional requirements resulting from review of technical data will be assessed appropriate charges.
    • Buyer shall be responsible for the accuracy of all documents, data, glass take-offs, specifications, architectural drawings, and CAD files furnished by Buyer to Viracon. Viracon shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in documents, data, glass take-offs, specifications, architectural drawings, and CAD files furnished by Buyer, including but not limited to drawings not drawn to scale, not accurately depicting glass sizes, not depicting glass edges, or that do not depict proper orientation of the glass.
    • All patterns must be submitted to Viracon via CAD drawing. Cardboard, plain paper or plywood will not be accepted. Pattern shapes and offsets carry a premium charge. Pattern shaped pricing is based on full block size required to cut the pattern.
    • Viracon’s standard sample size is 12″ x 12″ (305mm x 305mm). Requests larger than our standard 12” x 12” sample size would result in freight and material charges as applicable.
    • Viracon requires the use of 100% silicone “setting blocks” for all applications.
    • Viracon offers standard limited warranties from date of manufacture (either five, ten or twelve years depending on the product). These warranties are available for review at: Warranties

Incoterms® 2010 The Incoterm referenced in the Viracon QUOTATION will be applicable for all transactions.

The Incoterm referenced in the Viracon QUOTATION will be applicable for all transactions.

    • FCA Named Place: Free Carrier to USA named place: The named place is typically the shipment origin (Viracon’s plant) or can be another place within the USA.  Viracon is responsible for loading the freight on the collecting vehicle (freight collect) or delivering it to the named USA destination (pre-carriage, freight prepaid) and export clearance (if applicable).  Viracon’s risk ends upon shipment from origin or upon delivery to the named USA  The Buyer is responsible for all freight forwarder fees, import clearance, unloading fees, and main carriage/on-carriage costs that are beyond the named place.
    • CIP Named Place: Carriage and Insurance Paid to named place: Viracon is responsible for delivering the goods to the named place of destination and export clearance. This includes contracting and paying all transportation costs, and providing required insurance and costs to the named place.  Viracon’s risk ends upon delivery to the first carrier in the USA.  The Buyer must provide import clearance, is responsible for unloading, and if the named place is a port, will be responsible for the on-carriage.  Any detention fees, fines, or other accrued costs that are incurred due to the Buyer not clearing the goods in a timely manner will be for the Buyer’s account.
    • DAP Named Place: Delivered At Place to named place: Viracon is responsible for delivering the goods to the named place of destination and export clearance (if applicable). This includes contracting and paying all transportation costs to the named destination.  Viracon’s risk ends upon delivery to the named place, but not unloaded. The Buyer must provide import clearance (if applicable), is responsible for unloading, and if the named place is a port, will be responsible for any applicable detention fees or fines, and on-carriage.

Terms of Sale

  • The Viracon Terms of Sale document available for your review at controls this document. All Subsequent documentation for this project will also be subject to the Viracon Terms of Sale.