Viracon Acoustical Glass - Acoustic Glass - Single Source Architectural Glass

What is Acoustical Glass?

Viracon Acoustical Glass is made from combinations of various glass types along with acoustical window frames. This is to help you effectively reduce sound transmission from airplanes, trains, vehicles and other unwanted noises.

Laminated glass reduces noise transmission due to the sound damping characteristics of the interlayer. The performance data below applies to an insulating unit constructed with two plies of glass and an air or argon filled space. Data is based on testing ~36" x 84" glass to ASTM E413-87 in an acoustical wall. *OITC is estimated based on this test. Glass size and glazing system will affect STC rating. See additional notes below data for specific details.

The STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating is a single-number rating system for interior building partitions and viewing windows used to categorize acoustic performance. Its original intent was to quantify interior building partitions, not exterior wall components. As a result, it is not recommended for glass selection of exterior wall applications since the single-number rating was achieved under a specific set of acoustic laboratory conditions.

The OITC (Outside-Inside Transmission Class) rating is used to classify acoustic performance of glazing in exterior applications.

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