Viracon PLUS is a strategic partnership program designed to foster innovative architectural glass technology and bring those technologies to market faster.



Smart Glass


Through this new program, Viracon is partnering with leading technology companies to introduce game-changing new products
that will shatter the status quo of high performing architectural
glass. With our glass fabrication expertise, trusted supply chain integrity, and an unrivaled industry network, Viracon provides
the platform to deliver state-of-the-art glass technology at scale.

Viracon and its strategic partners envision a future of glass that
creates more comfortable indoor environments, lowers energy
costs, provides security that prevents hackers from listening in on office conversations, makes indoor environments healthier, and
lowers the carbon footprint.

Through Viracon PLUS, building owners and their architects will be able to choose architectural glass that will make buildings better
for its owners, occupants and the environment.

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