Hurricane Resistant Glass - Viracon Single Source Architectural Glass

What is Hurricane Resistant Glass?

Hurricane resistant laminates offered by Viracon meet or exceed stringent building code requirements of Florida and other coastal regions.

The laminated glass is a component of the overall glazing system and every Viracon hurricane resistant glass product has passed the impact and cyclic wind pressure test as part of a complete glazing system.

When choosing the right hurricane resistant glass for your application, the following points must be evaluated:

  1. Determine the applicable building code and test method
  2. Determine the required design pressure/wind load
  3. Qualify the missile requirement – large and/or small missile
  4. Identify the largest glass size
  5. If using a tested or certified framing system, confirm the laminated glass qualified with the particular manufacturer’s product
  6. If not using a tested or certified frame, evaluate system design details, such as:
    • Glazing method – conventional or structurally glazed
    • Glass bite – Often large missile applications require a minimum edge engagement of 5/8″ to augment performance.
    • Anchorage and hardware requirements – typically large missile applications require an enhanced design.

Hurricane resistant laminates offered by Viracon are Dade County approved and carry a component NOA. For information on the current code requirements and test methods for a specific application and project location, please reference the applicable standard or the International Building Code (Impact Provision).

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