Triple Insulating - Viracon - Single Source Architectural Glass


The most common triple insulating glass units are constructed with three plies of glass separated by two hermetically sealed and dehydrated spaces. This construction increases the insulating value of the glass unit, thus reducing the u-value. A triple insulating glass unit is especially useful in applications where a low u-value is necessary.

While it is possible to specify a 1” triple insulating unit to coincide with a 1” dual pane insulating unit, it is not always practical. A 1” triple insulating unit is constructed with 1/8” glass plies rather than 1/4” plies used in a 1” dual pane insulating unit. The reduced glass thickness increases the potential for distortion and since the 1/8” plies are not as strong as 1/4” plies, the width and height of the glass units must also be decreased. In addition, the solar performance improvement is minimal.

More commonly, triple insulating glass units are constructed with three plies of 1/4” glass and two 1/2” spaces. Viracon’s triple insulating glass units are available with the same Low-E coatings offered with dual pane insulating glass and the Low-E coating is placed on the #2 surface.

The third ply of glass in a triple insulating unit also offers the option to add a second Low-E coating within the glass unit. The second coating is Viracon’s VE-85, a highly transparent coating added to the #4 surface to further improve the solar performance without adversely affecting the appearance.

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