Whether through a digital printing or silk-screen printing process, printing on glass is a great way to enhance both the appearance and performance of a building facade.

DigitalDistinctions™ by Viracon

DigitalDistinctions combines the durability of ceramic enamel with the versatility of digital printing. Providing the ability to print multiple colors, graphics and simulate building materials on a single surface, the design possibilities are virtually unlimited. DigitalDistinctions also offers the opportunity to print an image on one side of the glass that is a different color or image than the other side of the glass. Please review our Printing Design Guidelines or contact us to discuss your design.

These are just a few of the virtually unlimited possibilities.


The artistic possibilities mean nothing if they don’t also meet or exceed functionality requirements. DigitalDistinctions is UV resistant so it doesn’t change color or fade over time. It optimizes energy efficiency by providing added solar control and, for even better performance, Viracon’s Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic enamel.

Silk-screen Printing on Glass

Silk-screen printing with ceramic enamel creates a single-color, repetitive pattern such as lines, dots or holes. Silk-screened glass has some of the same benefits as digital printing, it is UV resistant, improves solar control and Viracon’s Low-E coatings can be applied over the ceramic enamel.

Viracon offers a variety of standard silk-screen patterns.


Designs with a border, graduation or special edge requirements require a custom screen. For one of these or your own design, create a custom pattern using our Printing Design Guidelines.

Color Options

The ceramic materials used in the DigitalDistinctions and silk-screen printing processes are lead free and UV stable. They are fired to the architectural glass for superior durability.

The DigitalDistinctions printer provides the ability to select from an extensive color palette. There are six basic colors that can be combined and multiple colors can be utilized within a single pattern or graphic for a huge range of possibilities. In addition, simulated etch offers the ability to provide a translucent appearance. Silk-screen printing is limited to a single color. Select from one of 12 opaque or 7 translucent colors to complement your design.

DigitalDistinctions Colors

Simulated Etch can be combined with any of the DigitalDistinctions Colors.


Viraspan Opaque Silk-screen Colors

Viraspan Translucent Silk-screen Colors

Solar Performance

Printing on the second (#2) glass surface provides optimum solar performance. The Low-E coating can be applied to the same surface as the pattern.

Moiré Pattern

Moiré is an optical phenomenon that typically appears as a wavy, rippled or circular pattern. It is formed when two regularly spaced, non-aligned patterns overlap. Moiré is not a defect in the glass, silk-screen or digital printing process but rather a pattern formed by the eye. For additional information, please review Viracon’s Ceramic Frit and Ink Visual Characteristics Tech Talk.

Viracon cannot guarantee the future availability of component parts manufactured or supplied by others that are incorporated into Viracon products.

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