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“Viracon offers an abundant array of glass products to select from as you design for optimum aesthetics and performance of your building. Sometimes it becomes necessary for you to identify the makeup of the glass product installed on your building, for example: when replacement glass is needed, when changes are being made to the existing façade, when you are out of attic inventory or when the glass composition is wanted for future expansion. We recognize how difficult it can be for your team to acquire the existing glass makeup information when you need it. Starting in January, 2023, Viracon will add a Viracon Identification Number (VIN) to insulating glass units using the Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS). The VIN will be laser printed on the VTS providing a unique number for that unit’s makeup: glass type, composition and finished size. When you need to know the glass makeup, locate the VIN found on the unit’s VTS profile, enter it below, answer the questions and then submit the information. We will respond within 48-72 hours with the glass type, the full glass composition and the finished size.”


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