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VIN Request

Product Identification Request

Viracon Introduces the Viracon Identification Number (VIN):
Zero Guesswork in Matching Viracon Replacement Glass in the Future

A FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND – the new Viracon Identification Number (VIN) includes 8-digits at the beginning of a longer 24-digit number discreetly laser printed onto the Viracon Thermal Spacer (VTS). Those first 8-digits are unique, providing detailed information such as an insulating glass unit’s thickness, size, substrate, print, heat treatment and manufacture date. The VIN code is printed on the spacer of every Viracon insulating glass unit with VTS fabricated since January 2023.*

This new VIN system by Viracon guarantees an exact match to existing glass.

Asset Management Tool for the Future

Future proofing today’s buildings means architects and building developers need to anticipate future glass replacement needs of existing buildings, or glass for a new building to match an existing.

Viracon envisions that future and provides an asset management tool that ensures the initial investment in great glass is protected with an easy way to obtain that insulating glass make-up in the future.

Viracon offers a vast array of glass products from which to select – literally thousands of combinations from which architects can choose when designing a building. Now, with the Viracon VIN number system, if something happens to a glass unit, such as it becomes damaged, the building owner can – with certainty – replace the insulating glass unit with the exact match based on Viracon’s VIN system.

How it Works

When a building owner needs to know the makeup of an insulating glass unit there will be no more guesswork: i.e. to replace a damaged piece of glass, when changes are being made to the existing façade, when a building is being expanded, or when another building is being added to a development or a campus. They can locate the VIN found on the glass unit’s VTS, go to, answer a few questions, and hit “send.” Viracon will respond within 48-72 hours with all of the details behind that specific piece of glass.

*If your insulated glass unit was fabricated prior to January 2023 it will not have a VIN. It is recommended that you contact and work with your local sales representative to determine the glass make-up.

*Viracon cannot guarantee the future availability of component parts manufactured or supplied by others that are incorporated into Viracon products.