Security - Viracon - Single Source Architectural Glass

What is Security Glass?

Glass products are used in a variety of applications that require specialized security. Whether you need to control the view from one room to another, provide protection in the event of a blast or block signal transmission, we have the technical expertise and glazing solutions to meet your security requirements.

One-Way Transparent Mirror

A transparent mirror allows undetected observation of an adjoining area when used in conjunction with differential lighting ratios. This product is ideal for prison control rooms, interrogation rooms, inmate observation areas, psychiatric or clinical observation, general surveillance or any application that requires undetected observation.

To ensure optimum performance the subject side must be brighter than the viewer side. Under these conditions transparent mirror appears to be a mirror from the subject side and transparent glass from the viewer side. Viracon recommends a light ratio of 10:1 (subject:viewer) on units that incorporate clear glass and 5:1 on units than use grey glass. Lighting ratios may have to be adjusted to compensate for variable project conditions such as wall colors, types of lighting and the distance between the observed subject and transparent mirror. Point source lighting on the viewer side must be avoided.

Substrate Color Preferred Acceptable
Clear 10:1 5:1
Grey 5:1 2:1

In a laminated product the coating should always be applied to clear glass and placed as close to the subject side as possible without exposing it (#2 surface). If a grey laminated product is specified, the gray glass or gray PVB should be placed to the viewer side of the coating. See product resources below for a downloadable document with additional information.


Viracon provides a variety of laminated glass options that help mitigate the effects of air-blast attacks. Important note: Laminated glass is considered a component of the overall glazing system, therefore; the blast mitigating performance is also dependent upon being installed into an adequately designed frame which is then anchored appropriately to the wall structure. Viracon recommends the involvement of a blast consultant to verify the performance of the glass and framing system combination.

Electromagnetic Shielding 

With more data being transmitted and shared electronically, it is becoming necessary to protect private conversations, boardroom discussions and trade secret documents from electronic eavesdropping. This is especially true for government organizations, businesses, architects and building owners looking for ways to design secure buildings. For situations requiring this type of security, Viracon offers CyberShield™.

Forced Entry / Ballistic Resistance (FE/BR) 

In circumstances where ballistic resistance is required, such as embassies and courthouses, Viracon offers FE/BR. This product is a triple insulating, double laminated glass product that has been tested to the U.S. Department of State Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Test Method.