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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity Philosophy

Viracon strives to create an inclusive work environment that enables all people to contribute to their full potential. We focus on ways to build on our similarities while respecting our differences. It is represented by persons of different races, cultural backgrounds, national or geographic origins, ages, genders, sexual orientations, physical capabilities, family status, religion, experiences, beliefs and educational levels.


Viracon also emphasizes behavioral guidelines for our interactions with fellow employees, customers and other business associates. We refer to these behavior guidelines as STAR:

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Sensitivity. We are aware and conscious of the needs and emotions of others and consider their feelings and perspectives.

Trust. We take responsibility, participate actively, and listen not only to gain trust but to show our trust in others.

Appreciation. We have high regard for the value of others. This is demonstrated through our behavior as we express appreciation for their contributions.

Respect. When we listen fully and agree or disagree respectfully, we are demonstrating that we value the work of our fellow employees, customers, vendors, and other business associates, and the companies we do business with.